Chocolate Workshops - An End of Term Treat Your Class Will Love

Chocolate is always on the curriculum with Chocolate Collective workshops. Perfect for an end of term treat that’s not only fun but also (shhh) educational. We’ve squeezed every drop of our chocolate crafting experience into a whole host of fun workshops for kids of all ages. There will be no groans at the back of the class when you tell them it’s chocolate that they’ll be learning about.

Our workshops are designed to complement the national curriculum whether you’re teaching the history and geography of chocolate (from bean to bar), discovering the Aztecs, or maybe bringing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to life.

But we don’t stop there. There are even more learning benefits for students at a Chocolate Collective workshop. Whilst chocolate maybe the finger-licking star of the show, our workshops offer additional hands-on learning opportunities that’ll tick every teaching box.

Here are 8 ways in which our workshops add an extra sprinkle of sugary magic to learning:

1. Workshops Help to Develop Collaborative Skills

Working together is just so much more fun. Our workshops encourage students to work in smaller teams or breakout groups. This allows children the opportunity to lead their little groups and to take turns to listen to other group members and their ideas. It’s a chocolatey collaboration of the sweetest kind.

End of term chocolate workshop treat

2. Hands-on, Active Learning Encourages Positive Risk Taking

Shy or reluctant students? Ones that don’t like to speak up and tend to let the more confident kids take centre stage? We’ve found that when you bring practical hands-on fun to even the most passive of students, it changes the dynamic. It puts everyone automatically on the same chocolatey page. Active hands-on learning encourages those with quieter voices to speak up and get their ideas heard. Students really get involved in the process. It’s a confidence booster lovingly dipped in chocolate!

3. Helps Increase Engagement Levels - Who could ignore a truffle?

It’s hard to ignore meltingly good chocolate. It just asks for all your attention. Sprinkle a few problem-solving tasks, new ideas or specific crafting skills and everyone is suddenly majorly involved in the chocolatey wonder. Ta-da engagement levels increase. Allowing students to see, smell and engage all their senses in a workshop is really beneficial. It’s an extra dollop of magic that we’re proud to bring to the workshop table.

End of term chocolate workshop treat

4. Boosts Knowledge Retention - It’s the Sweetest Way to Learn

Does chocolate really have all the answers? Maybe it’s the artisan cocoa, maybe it’s the tangible nature of crafting oh-so yummy truffles but we’ve heard from a little birdie that actually doing a task helps knowledge retention. If students remember 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear and 90% of what they do, our workshops might just be the sweetest way to learn (and remember it!)

5. Sparks Creative Thinking

Want your class to flex their creative muscles? Look no further. Creativity is a something that can be a tricky nut to crack. We know that the more students are encouraged to be creative, the easier it becomes. Making your own choccies is a super way to get the creativity (and chocolate) flowing. The opportunities are endless, but the outcome is always a super sugary creative success.

End of term chocolate workshop treat

6. Encourages Problem Solving Skills (and Confidence)

Oh, we love a bit of trial and error in our workshops - yes you read that right! Trial is the bit that really matters here. We love it when students are faced with new challenges and encouraged to solve problems and even seek alternative solutions to these hands-on physical challenges. By allowing them to ‘give it a whirl’ or encouraging their out-of-the-box thinking and inspiring them ‘to try it’, it means they’re growing in confidence without even realising it. Hooray.

7. Recognise and Reward Achievement

Let’s face it, who doesn’t like chocolate? With its universal scrummy appeal, it’s something that all the class can (finally) agree on. A chocolate workshop can work as a wonderful incentive that motivates ALL the class to work towards the class goal. We love seeing the giddy faces of students who arrive bursting with pride to be with us. We can’t help but feel a teeny bit excited (and proud) to be a super-duper class treat. In fact, we positively adore it.

End of term chocolate workshop treat

8. Celebrates Success

Celebrating everything they achieved during term is just the sweetest joy. Acknowledging new skills they’ve learned, challenges they’ve overcome, and their finished chocolatey products are all a wonderful way to super-size their sense of success. Positive, excited kids are students that want to learn. We know that’s everyone’s favourite ingredient.

We’re taking bookings now for School workshops in November and December and beyond. We might even be able to squeeze one in before October half term if you’re looking for Teacher of the Year award. Take a look at our schools’ page to find out more.

Chocolate Collective workshops are a brilliantly fun way to end the term on a sugar high.