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Newsflash: Chocolate is Endangered


For most of us, it’s a staple item in our cupboard (or fridge, depending on preference). Whether you prefer dark, milk or white; whether you like it plain, filled or biscuity; whether you prefer to share it or you want it all to yourself…

Chocolate is undeniably a universally loved confectionery and that’s why we should all be concerned about its imminent extinction.

Yes, you heard correctly!

Chocolate is endangered, with scientists predicting the cacao plant to go extinct as early as 2050 due to (you guessed it) climate change.

Chocolate Truffle

Most of our chocolate comes from rainforests located in West Africa, but due to Earth’s rapidly rising temperatures, the cacao farms will be forced into the mountains which are not suitable for cultivation.

Scientific reports have indicated that climate change will not affect this generation of plants, but the next. This provides a shimmer of hope for families who couldn’t bear the thought of an empty chocolate cupboard!

So what can we do?

We must support chocolate companies that incentivise cocoa producers to farm sustainably. A great example is ‘Original Beans’ (who plant a tree for every bar) and also, ‘Tony’s’ (awarded most sustainable brand in 2020, after their unrivalled efforts to change the cocoa industry, which has been highly characterised by inequality and modern slavery issues).

This isn’t just about protecting the plants, it’s about protecting the people. Around 6 million people depend on farming cacao for their livelihoods, worldwide!

Changes are never made until attention is paid, and here at Chocolate Collective, we hope that we have grabbed yours.

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So long for now!